I was comparing the Apple USB-C to 3.5mm headphone jack Adapter with the Samsung USB-C to 3.5mm headphone jack. Upon review, I was very disappointed with the Apple one because the volume was very low compared to the Samsung one. So, for this review I do recommend the Samsung one because it delivers ultra high quality Sound and Volume compared to the Apple one.
If your going to use this adapters just to connect to headphone just for talking purpose then apple is okay. But for music wise Apple adapter was very low compared to the Samsung one.

Just to let you guys know I haven’t tried the Google brand so I’m unaware about the sound quality.

So in short, if you plan on listening to music I would suggest get the Samsung branded USB-C to 3.5 Headphone Jack.

But, if you plan on talking on the phone and not really focusing on music than I would recommend the Apple branded USB-C to 3.5 Headphone jack. Because it is cheaper in price and still good quality just lower in volume, that’s all.

For those who are really not sure which to get, then I recommend the Samsung brand.

Also, I wanted to keep you aware that I feel like the Samsung one is a bit too loud, so just to keep you aware that too loud is also bad for the ears.

I’ve tried this two USB-C to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adaptors on the Samsung Galaxy S20 phone. I haven’t tried it on apple or on any other phone. I also doubt the results would be any different on an Apple phone or any other phone.

Bluetooth headphones are becoming a concern

Most people prefer to use this adaptors over Bluetooth speakers because of health concerns. Many Bluetooth speakers are becoming more common now of spreading cancer or hormone issues. That’s why as a reminder, I would suggest you guys using this adaptors over Bluetooth headphones. However, Bluetooth headphones are more comfortable because they have no wire, which means more comfort. If you go outside for a run you will notice wire headphones gets in the way and they get annoying. For this reason, Bluetooth headphones are more handy, but they are not worth the safety to your heath.

Why do I need an adaptor?

Well as technology is trying to improve they are also trying to get smaller in size. As previous phones would come with build in 3.5 headphone jack, new phones are replacing the 3.5 jack with a different technology. Or using the space to improve on phone memory or add louder speakers in the phone. So as they are trying to improve the use of cellphones they are getting rid of the 3.5 headphone jack and to use it, you need an adapter. So this is why you need this adapters for new phones that don’t have a build in 3.5 jack for headphone.


the choice is yours, simply if you plan on hearing loud music then Samsung. If you plan on just talking and not listening to music then Apple. If you plan on doing both, then Samsung.