Hi guys, today I am upset with losing my job at Kaiser Sunset during Vaccinations are. So, I’m really disappointed of this and I want to talk about it. Let me start from here, every time I start work I go through a temperature check security screening. During this process there is a grab-n-go face mask box where every time I grab a new face mask.

All Visitors Grab facemasks by themselves

So now as I’m stationed by the vaccinations tents there is a grab-n-go face mask box at the entrance. I grabbed one of the face masks as to me looked like a grab-n-go face mask. So, this face mask looked different than the normal that I usually get. I picked up the box to see what material the face mask is made of because I’m allergic to some of them. This seemed normal to me as it appeared to be a grab-n-go face mask box. But, the next day they called me and told me that I no longer can work at Sunset Kaiser, but I could continue to work at other Kaisers. In other words they terminated me from Sunset Kaiser. They told me that I was touching hospital equipment’s, but all I touched was the face mask box. Which looked like a grab-n-go box like from other entrances of the hospital.

Visitors touch couple of face masks during process of grabbing one 

In other words I was wrong, it was not a grab-n-go face mask as it looked like. This brings down to what I want to point out, so I lost my job because I not only grabbed one face mask, but I grabbed the entire box. So, this is where Sunset Kaiser is wrong. They terminated me for grabbing the entire box, which people don’t touch. But they are not thinking that when people grab and take one face mask. In the process they touch other face masks, which others end up wearing. So if Someone with covid-19 enters the hospital where I usually enter and they grab 1 facemask and in the process of grabbing 1 face mask they touch couple face masks.

Kaiser only Spreading Covid-19 

This means that the next couple people that grab the face masks  could have a high possibility of getting covid-19. And this is a hospital where covid-19 should be eliminated. Yet, they have a grab-n-go face masks which could only spread covid-19.

Instead of Kaiser Sunset terminating me they should be thanking me. They should be getting rid of all the grab-n-go face masks and instead have prepared staff to hand out the face masks. This way covid-19 can be eliminated and have less chances of spreading. Some areas of the hospital has a grab-n-go box while others don’t. As you are working there you notice that some are grab-n-go, you only think all are grab-n-go. This grab-n-go boxes should be stopped, period. I’ve worked at many Kaisers and only noticed the Sunset Kaiser to have a grab-n-go face masks. However, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe its not a grab-n-go face masks, but its sure used as one.

Instead of Kaiser Sunset terminating me, they should be fixing this. I’m alright with losing my job at Sunset Kaiser. I mean I have many problems working here to begin with. For example, during lunch I was at the Cafeteria I got 2 sushi boxes and I was eating. As, I was eating I was thinking its healthy quality made sushi, as its an hospital I accepted them to provide healthy and healing foods. Anyway, as I turned the sushi box around and I saw the ingredients I was pissed. It had like 3 food colors, plus many chemicals, I got mad I was like how does an Hospital serve such unhealthy food when they are trying to provide health and care. WHAT THE HELL is how I’m going to end this.