Hi everyone so I want to mention a little about prostate and the effects it could have on man. This is something that man tend to worry about as they age because the prostate glands tend to get bigger causing pains during release of urine. Anyway, this is something that we can avoid from the beginning by eating foods that benefit it.

Good Foods

Such foods that benefit the prostate are potatoes, tomatoes, blueberries, sunflower seeds, cranberries, carrots, apricots, shellfish, grapes, beans, ginger, green tea, spinach, mushrooms, eggs, garlic, lemons, onions, brussels sprouts, avocados, papaya, nettle, apples, beets, nuts, pomegranates, cauliflower, cabbage, saw palmetto, watermelon, turmeric, squash, blackberries, broccoli, kale, pumpkin seeds, asparagus, oranges, grapefruits, strawberries, fishes, raspberries.

This foods are important for the consumption of men during times of prostate problems also important to start consuming this foods early to prevent the prostate glands expanding.
Bear in mind that if you have a prostate problem it is important to know that you no longer could eat any bad foods nor should eat it if you don’t have any prostate problems. But keep in mind that once prostate problems have started any bad food you eat will only expand and progress your prostate problems to worse conditions.

Avoidable Foods 

So some foods that you should fully avoid are alcohol, caffeine, French fries, fried foods, red meat, sugar, chips, white flour, gas drinks, white rice, foods that are spicy.
It is very necessary to go to a doctor and check your blood, urine, and prostate early to prevent any stage of problems that could develop silently. Exercise daily, stretch, go for walks, enjoy the outside weather, and it is important to not smoke and stay away from second hand smoke.

As Breast Cancer is the leading cancer for women, Prostate cancer is the leading cancer in men, this said only eating healthy is the key way to accomplish and not to have any prostate issues. Drinking healthy meaning no sugary drinks, drink water and not sugar beverages. If you are young this doesn’t mean you cant have prostate issues so don’t feel like you must wait to get older to eat healthy. You must eat healthy now no matter what age you are.

Take daily man vitamins also get an appointment with doctor so the doctor can prescribe anything else that your body is lacking. Eat as much as tomatoes as you can because tomatoes are extremely helpful for the prostate. If you go to events for family or friends don’t drink alcohol as alcohol can make it worse.

Drink From Healthy Bottles 

don’t drink water from plastic bottles because plastic tends to release some chemicals into the bottle and this chemicals are not good for the prostate. Instead, drink water from glass, or even stainless steel water bottles.

please stay nutritious and stay away from damaging foods for your prostates health and for your being. thanks for watching.
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