Well What Can I say about this Taco Bell Naked Chicken Chalupa Meal? Other than that it looks very interesting and a nice invention. However, as I tried this chalupa I found it very small in size and empty. The inside was fully empty, I mean nothing near the poster of this item. When you see the poster of this Naked Chalupa inside the store it looks soo good and so topped with ingredients inside. But when I got it, it was naked inside just like the name says, “Naked.”

Waste of Chicken 

Yes, the whole time eating this Chalupa, I was just thinking that this is just a complete waste of chicken. I mean, its slightly good, but at the same time it only makes me crave a regular Chalupa. The best part of this Chalupa was the nacho inside, which kind of gave a regular Chalupa type of taste. Anyway, I will not get this again and disappointed because it was absolutely empty inside.

As a meal this comes with 3 items, actually 4 counting the drink:

  1. Naked Chicken Chalupa
  2. crunchy taco (beef)
  3. beef burrito
  4. drink

I found the best part of this meal the Beef Burrito because it was the only item in the meal that kind of filled me up. I’m happy this is back for a limited time as I found this not good. The chicken flavor was pretty good and its all white chicken. The bread crumbs was nicely done and pretty cool shape for a chicken. I found it very unique how the chicken is shaped like the taco shell, its very cool.


As the meal goes, I was still hungry after eating all this, Good thing I got the Grande Nachos Box. I ended up being full after eating the Naked Chicken Chalupa Meal and maybe around 30% of the Grande Nachos Box. I do not recommend this meal and I would just stick to the regular Chalupa.