Subway recently came out with some new Fresh Melt Sandwiches and they look like they have a new bread. Well, at first it appeared to look like a new bread in their website when ordering food. However, Its the same exacts bread that they have, just a new method of heating it up. This new method of bread heating, seems like its being heat pressed. So, they cut the footlong sandwich in half and put it inside this brown bag, then put the bag in the heater. The heater does the rest and new heat lines comes on the sandwiches. Anyway lets start with the reviews:

Subway Ham & Cheese Melt Sandwich

This new Subway Ham & Cheese Melt Sandwich looked pretty good in the posters inside Subway. But, as tasting this, it was pretty basic in taste and I kind of knew it ahead of time. So, I went ahead and got some extra ingredients to add it to the sandwich.

This kind of gave me a vibe like it was a children’s sandwich, so I think would be great for kids meals. As, for me I really liked this sandwich after I added my extra ingredients inside. What grabbed my attention the most was of course the bread. The new heated method for the bread makes this very sweet. As far as this sandwich goes, I think its good if you add more ingredients to it.

Subway Steak & Cheese Melt Sandwich

This Subway Steak & Cheese Melt Sandwich was off the hook. Just perfect the way it came and was delicious. It comes with steak, cheese, red onions, bell peppers, and sauce. For the sauce they put chipotle southwest sauce into my sandwich, and was just perfect. I got some lettuce and cucumbers to see if it will go good with the melt, but it didn’t. This was just one nicely done melt sandwich by Subway.