I needed to melt some chocolate for strawberries, so I was looking for a double pot. I found this Stainless Steel Double Boiler Pot for Melting Chocolate on Amazon and purchased it. It is grade 18/8 Stainless Steel so when it comes to cooking or melting this is a great choice. At first I was kind of picky about the size as I purchased the 480 ml size, but as I started using it I just found this to be perfect. It is about 2 cups in size and chocolate melts just fine. If you want to purchase this Stainless Steel Double Boiler Pot for Melting Chocolate, this is the link. During washing time, the chocolate seems to come off easily using sponge for washing.

Universal Radio Case Two Way Radio Holder

I got this Universal Radio Case Two Way Radio Holder for $13.99. I think its an okay price, however, it just doesn’t have a belt clip on. This means every time you want to wear this you have to take off the belt to put it on. It just takes too much time, and if it had a belt clip it would be so much more convenient. It is pretty stable, and so far have no problems with it. Even the size I think its pretty good, it will fit most size radios. When I purchased this from Amazon it didn’t have a picture of the back. And I was unaware that it didn’t have a belt clip on, so if you want to check this out, this is the link. Great product if you don’t mind taking your belt on and off every time you use this.

Also just to add, if you have a oversized belt for police or some jobs, this might not fit. It fits good on a regular belt, but for deputy belts it possibly might not fit, so just an FYI.

White NUK Simply Natural Learner Cup

This White NUK simply natural learner cup is pretty nice in design. It has owls on it and looks cute for babies. The best part is that it has measurements on the cup, so if you decide to mix milk it can help. This white color is nice, but I like more different color ones, white kind of looks elegant and boring. I think babies will like more colorful ones instead of just one color. Great product from NUK and the blue one in the beginning is also from NUK. This is the link if you want to check out this item on Amazon.