When it comes to shoes, shoe sprays is probably one item many people forget to use. After a while a new shoe stars smelling for daily wear and its a good idea to eliminate the bad odors. So I will be using and testing some shoe sprays to see which I like and which I don’t and how they smell. Lets Begin:

Lumi Outdoors Natural Lemon | Eucalyptus shoe spray 

As I’m using this spray I notice one thing, it works fine as long as you keep using it after each day of wearing the shoe. It great shoe spray and it does its job, however, just one problem. I absolutely hate the smell because the lemon smell is just too strong. All you could smell is the lemon and its starts getting annoying. When I finish this spray, I will look for another spray one with a different smell. I like the product just don’t like the smell. If you love strong lemon scent this may be a great spray.