So what is the problem with hybrid cars that people don’t know? Everyone loves hybrid cars but no one really thinks about how dangerous they can be towards animals, because animals cant hear them or sense them, since they are very silent.

This is a problem because people behind the wheel are not paying attention even though they are suppose to, but they don’t. So, they end up running over animals crossing the roads and the poor animal most likely didn’t sense the hybrid car due to the silence of the vehicle. The way to fix this or at least improve is to add a noise to the car so the cars can be heard by animals, kids, and blind people. Hybrid cars are a good cars, but the silence is a problem that should be taken more seriously.

Everybody loves Hybrids, I mean who wouldn’t want to spend less on gas. They are very handy vehicles and people love them. But after learning more about animals and their behaviors I think it would be better to add some kind of a noise to the car. A noise so the animals such as squirrels could sense them coming ahead so they could run out of the way.

Ever drive through the road and seen a dead squirrel? How sad can this be right?  Squirrels are amongst one of the most animals run over by cars. Why? for most reason people are speeding and not driving with the correct speed limit. If a hybrid car goes speeding down the road, it would be almost too late for any squirrel to get away because of the silence of this vehicles.

The best way to solve this Hybrid silence issue towards animals is simply adding noise to the car. Also just to remember to go the correct speed limit and not fast regardless what car you drive. And, if you drive a hybrid be aware that animals and people can have hard time noticing you. So be extra cautious and protect yourself and others by driving and following all rules and regulations seriously when it comes to driving.

imagine after school when kids come home they have nothing to do they go outside and play with other kids. Their having a lot of fun running around playing catch me if you can or hide n seek. Then they decide to play Dodgeball and yes out of no where the ball goes to the middle of the street. And its a silent hybrid vehicle speeding down the street, the kid running after the ball might assume their is no cars since the hybrid is silent and there he runs for the ball. Now this would end terrible if the driver is not paying attention. So as much as this hybrids are dangerous for animals just as much as it can be dangerous for kids and people.

Just about 10 years ago their were many hybrids but now ten years later this hybrid vehicles are doubling and being populated more. So best way to put an end in this silence is for car companies to make a change and add noises to the cars.