Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza

Today I was checking my E-mail and I get this E-mail from Papa John’s that they have a new Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza. So, I knew that today I was going to try this pizza, it is a 1 topping pizza. The large was $12.00, so for 12 bucks I think its a good deal for this cheese crust pizza. As we are new in January of 2021, I felt very happy to try this as the year has just began. Anyway, lets get straight to the review to this pizza.

Stuffed Crust – Pepperoni 

The pizza was really soft, and I’m not really a fan for soft dough, I mean it was delicious. But, I feel like the dough needs to be more crunchy. And to this I think I found the fix:

  • During the online order they have an option where they tell you how you want it baked? Normal Bake or Well Done, I guess It was chosen Normal Bake, so next time I will choose Well Done.

By choosing it Well Done I think the dough will be more crunchy and I guess “Well Done” because I think Normal Bake came a little soft. I also didn’t like the cheese inside the crust, it tasted just exactly like string cheese. As much as I love string cheese, I’m not really a fan of it inside a pizza. However, those of you who are cheese lovers, I think you guys will like it. I’ve never really been a fan of cheese crust, I just had to try something new.

Papa Johns Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza

Papa Johns Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza

Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks

The breadsticks were good, the seasoning was the correct amount, but just like the pizzas, it was soft. Their dough is soft I’m not sure why Papa John’s dough is pretty soft, but it came with good pizza dipping sauce. The sauce even felt healthy, I mean everything feels healthy and that’s what I like.

Honey Chipotle Wings

The wings tasted like they were baked, assuming they are baked, which is healthier than fried. Anything healthy is what I like, I like to always choose for the healthier options out there. I didn’t really like the wings though, I felt like it needed more sauce, but I mean its still good. I want to try their buffalo wings next time.

Garden Fresh Pizza – Jalapeño Popper Rolls – Garlic Parmesan Wings

So, this pizza was also soft, as next time I will Choose “Well Done” on the Bake options during online ordering. I think Well Done this would have been better. On the other hand, this was a pretty good pizza, I noticed Papa John’s has a unique style to Garden Pizza. They put some ingredients below the cheese and this makes it very unique. I think you guys will like this pizza.

The Jalapeno Popper Rolls I didn’t like it much I think the jalapenos were a little too much. I also think cheese sauce would have gone great with this instead of the spicy garlic sauce. If I get this next time I will try with the cheese sauce, but I think it would be better if it had half the amount of jalapenos.

The Garlic Parmesan Wings were okay, but I didn’t really feel the taste. I think the garlic and the parmesan taste were a little minimal. Assuming it definitely needed more parmesan and more garlic, then it would have been good. But, not bad, I’m waiting for Papa John’s to come with boneless wings, so I could try those.

Valentines Day Heart-Shaped Pizza with a Double Chocolate Chip Brownie

This Heart Shaped Pizza is pretty cool, comes in thin size and it has no pizza cuts. I guess good to start biting together at the same time, the brownie is a good size too. If this is served with a rose and Valentines Day card I think it would be a very romantic day. Just one thing, I would suggest to order more foods because this sure seems kind of small for two. Also, this is available only for 6 days and not available after Valentines Day is over. So, get it soon and I think strawberry lemonade with some mix of Vodka would be nice drink for this.