this is my dog with Umbilical Hernia, she has had this since birth. She is 13.5 years old here and we went to the vet and we got more information about Umbilical Hernia.

Umbilical Hernia

An Umbilical Hernia occurs when the abdominal muscles fail to grow together and properly close the abdominal opening where the naval cord was attached at birth. The hernia usually appears as a soft swelling at the “umbilicus” or belly button.

Your veterinarian should evaluate all hernias. Mild hernias will contain a small amount of abdominal fat. If the hernia is large enough to allow a loop of intestine to become entrapped within it, strangulation of the intestine may occur. This is an emergency situation.

Diagnosis is based on symptoms and examination findings. Hernias should be repaired when the pet is spayed or neutered unless the defect is large enough to warrant immediate repair. Spaying or neutering of pets with umbilical hernias is recommended due to the potential for hereditary predisposition.

Take Your Dog to the Vet

If you notice your dog has a problem, please just take it to the vet. It is better to take your dog to the vet than have a problem get worse. Also just to remind you that dogs need good nutrition just like humans. Such as giving your dog fish oil can be very healthy. However do not give human fish oil as the amount of serving is different than a Dogs. Just go to Petco and get fish oil made for dogs. The EPA and DHA amount is very different to a dog than to humans. So keep in mind to get fish oil assigned for pets grade and Petco has it. Keep your dog healthy and do not give such vegetables like avocados or fruits like grapes. Keep your dog healthy and happy 🙂