Hungry Monta 

I was always waiting to try this Montas and finally I was able to get some. I really loved this montas the texture and everything was just great. The seasoning is beyond good, love the fresh taste and the yogurt has a garlic tone. I asked them to put the yogurt on the side because I was going to eat it in 30 minutes so I didn’t want it to lose the crunchiness. I finished this very quick and next time I’m going to get the bigger size. The hot sauce comes with it is very delicious, I wish I tried this sooner, very addictive.

While I was looking at the menu I saw that they have soups with monta and their is one soup which was white that caught my attention. I cant wait to get that soup next time I go to get Montas. I find it kind of pricy though, I mean I wish it was like 40% cheaper in price, However they are really good. The seasoning has like a very light pleasant mint taste and its like a rare mint taste not one you taste often. And this kind of feels unique and will get some more soon.

Small Lahmajune

This was my first time probably seeing small lahmajune and I got to say this was by far different than the most. Different in a good way, I loved the seasoning used in this lahmajune and the amount of meat and ingredients used was perfect amount. The taste gave me a tropical vibe and I could sense a tiny bit of unique mint as well. However, they didn’t give me any lemons and I think they should serve this with lemons. Because I mean lahmajune is just meant to be eaten with lemon. As I’m writing this I’m craving some right now.

Artisian Cheese Beoreg 

This was my first time trying this and I didn’t really like this. I thought the entire thing was going to be crunchy, but it wasn’t really crunchy. The inside was soft and the outside was tiny bit crunch. If this entire Beoreg was crunchy I think would be a satisfying texture and taste. The cheese inside was good though, but I really think this would be better if it was crunchy.


On the counter they had some bakeries and I was just dieing to try them. The Kadeif was a good after taste finisher for the montas and will get it next time again.

hungry monta

hungry monta