this are the dimensions for a minimum cockatiel bird cage size. Anything smaller can effect their life span. they need okay amount of room to move around and play and eat food. They love fruits and veggies, mixed unsalted nuts, and drink clean drinking water.

Minimum Cockatiel CAGE Size

Just to be clear this bird cage size is for a trained Cockatiel because your never suppose to keep only one bird. The only time you can keep only one bird is if the bird is trained. Trained bird meaning one that is not always in the cage, but is in and out the cage. Meaning it comes out the cage and explores its surroundings goes and sits on top of the cage, plays outside the cage.

If you plan on getting a trained Cockatiel make sure you have a lot of time with the bird through out the day. If your working and your busy and your not going to be their for the bird for a lot of time, then don’t get a trained bird. If you live alone and you work full time then don’t consider getting a trained bird because they will be lonely most of the time. Birds when their lonely they get stressed and its hurtful for their health.

Got a lonely trained bird? Then get at least 2 more birds and keep them in a big cage next to your trained bird. This way if your not home at least your trained bird is not alone and has 2 other birds to communicate with.

I recommend

When it comes to birds I always recommend to get 4 in a very big cage. If you get a small cage they get stressed and this effects their health. A big cage size makes a very big difference to their health. So, if you cant provide a big cage, then consider getting a different animal that requires different cage sizes.

Also don’t forget to change the water everyday and the food. Make sure to give fruits and veggies and unsalted nuts. Cockatiels love many fruits such as apples, berries, strawberries, cherries, mango, watermelon, peach. They also love veggies such as cucumbers and tomatoes. Also get them a swing bunch of woods, and mirrors. They love mirrors so I recommend to get a big mirror and put it next to your Cockatiel. Give them coconuts and make sure to give fresh water daily.

Many Cages to Choose From 

If you go to common pet store like Petco or PetSmart you will be surprised that they are selling all this animals including birds. And, with all this animals being sold most of the time they are providing very small cages for this animals. Don’t make the mistake and purchase a small cage for your birds. You can simply look online and have more bird cage choices then Petco or PetSmart.

So do your pet a favor and purchase the right size of cage and habitat for your lovely bird. One trained bird will do fine in a cage like the picture above. Just make sure its kept full of joy and not lonely.