this is very important topic to discuss about medication disposal. So, as many people are not using their medication anymore, most tend to throw it away or flush it down the toilet. This is why this is very important, because both steps are very wrong to do. If you throw medication in the trash, ends up in ocean or animals can consume and get sick. If you flush down the toilet, ends up in ocean and sure damages the global water economy. So, its very important to know how to correctly dispose medication properly.

Correct way to Dispose Medication 

Okay, so if you have medication such as expired pills or unused medication that you need to throw away. All you have to do is take it to any pharmacy and give it to them. They will correctly dispose your medication for you. Some pharmacy’s like Kaiser for example they have a medication disposal box where you can automatically dispose it yourself. However, some other pharmacy’s you may have to give it to them so they can recycle it for you. So, if you have pills laying around remember to give it to a pharmacy or drop it yourself in a medication disposal box.

Make sure to not throw it in the Garbage 

Please, when it comes to medication its very serious to not throw it away. The last thing you want is a wrong medication ending up in someone’s hands. Be kind to yourself, the people, nature, animals, and the environment and dispose it correctly. Throwing it in the trash can only damages the environment and it can end up in the wrong persons hands. Flushing it down the toilet can end up in a fishes mouth, or wonder around in the ocean somewhere. Imagine swimming and you accidently swallow a pill that was flushed down the toilet and ended up in the ocean. And that is why its very important to make sure to dispose it correctly by taking it to pharmacy or dropping it in medication disposal box.

Pet Medications 

Just to mention that even if its animal pills like for cats or dogs you can do the same thing. You can take it to the pharmacy or again drop it in one of those medication disposal boxes. Animal pills are just as serious as human pills and should be recycled correctly. So, besides human pills if you come across animal pills and you don’t need it anymore, Just take it to a pharmacy. When it comes to animals you can even contact your vet to see if they will recycle it, I’m sure most will recycle it for you. But even so, you can just take it to any pharmacy and give it to them.

Keep Earth Healthy 

There is a slight chance that some pharmacy’s may not recycle it, however its pretty rare. Most pharmacy’s will be happy that you took the right approach and took your time to give it to them for proper disposal.  Please keep this in mind and share it amongst your friends and help keep the Earth safe & clean for you and everyone else.