very fast and very simple, how to Turn Off 2017 Toyota Corolla Maintenance Required light. Go to Settings icon, then choose schedule maintenance, then for reset data? Choose yes and that’s it. I believe this works with 2011 to 2017 Corollas or somewhere in those years.

Why Would You Want to Turn Off Maintenance Required Light

Well Most of the time when your driving your vehicle you may not want to see that icon that says “Maintenance Required” Its kind of annoying to look at it it feels better to not have that message showing.

Why Does The Maintenance Required Light Turn On 

After 6 months most new vehicles have that light appear and the purpose is to tell you that Six months has passed so its now time for oil change or just maintenance. So some cars such as Corolla 2017 Toyota use synthetic oil which means you can change the oil in 5k to 10k of driving millage. So in this case lets say you changed your oil today, automatically the Light will appear to tell you its six months passed so take your car to the dealer for check up. That’s all it really needs a check up.

The dealer will look at the millage of the car and take in consideration if the oil needs a change or not for the next six months. Well they will also look at the color and texture of the oil as well. Well, besides changing the oil they do other fluid check ups and also rotate the tires and check the health of the car.

So for those people who dont follow up with every 6 months maintenance usually end up having more car problems later on in the future.

What Do I recommend

I recommend to take your car to the dealer and to do all fluid check up, oil change, tire rotation and basic car check up every six months. So most of the time lets say you only drove 4 thousand miles and you take you car to the dealer they will do oil change for next time. But i recommend to ask for oil change every 6 months because what if for the next 6 months you decide to drive for 8k miles? then you will need to come back to the dealer asap for oil change, when this can have been done ahead of time.

Average Person

Most of the time an average person has no idea what is going on inside the car. They are clueless and don’t know much about cars. if you happen to fall into that category then do this from now on. Take your car to the dealer every 6 months and ask for oil change, tire rotation, fluid checkups, and they will tell you if your car may need anything else other than that.


Some dealers at times don’t tell you that you may need an engine ail filter or carbon air filter change besides oil change. So changing the engine filter and carbon filter is like a piece of cake and not worth paying any dealer money to change that for you. So don’t forget to buy engine filter and carbon filter and change that in your car, i would say every six months.

That’s all I hope you guys found this very useful.