this are just common radio codes for hospital security guards. However, they can be used as common radio codes not just for hospitals, but also for just about anything. If you plan on using radios, you can use this codes to communicate with your friends through the radios.

Radio codes make radio communication fast and also secure. If you have something to say you say it with codes this way people standing by mite not know what you guys are talking about. Well besides keeping conversations on the radio secure, it is professional. without using radio codes mind as well use a cell phone.

Remember, that this codes are common radio codes and every place has their own codes. So, lets say if you are a police officer, you might have the same codes plus more different radio codes. and if you are in the military, you might have 70 percent of this codes the same and have 30 percent adjusted to the military needs. So just a reminder that radio codes can be different from company to company.

But in general, this radio codes are the most common and every company has their certain differences.


if you want to go for your break, not lunch, just a regular break. all you got to say is post 15 to dispatch requesting 10/100. And dispatch will send a unit to relieve you for a break. However, another location you may need to say post 15 to dispatch requesting 10/100 Adam. And dispatch will send a unit to relieve you for your first break. So by using the second example we just added the word Adam. Since Adam starts with letter A, 10/100 Adam would refer to 1st break.

So as you can see every place has its preferability to how they want to use their radio codes. Most companies try to keep this clear and simple.

Why Would Someone Want to Use a Radio? 

this is the question most people wonder and the answer is because it makes communication faster obviously compared to a cell phone. Can you imagine if you are communicating with someone for a long time, and you have to call them 20 times. Wouldn’t be just simple to use a radio instead of calling and dialing numbers all the time. That’s why radios are useful and most companies prefer using radios instead of cell phones.

Can Cell Phones be Used Instead of Radios? 

well in general yes you can use a cell phone instead of a radio if you are with couple people and radio talk is limited. However, if you are with a big company such as a security for lets say a shopping mall. A mall could have about 60 security guards working and this is the reason why cell phones cant be used. The reason is that lets say their is something happening and a security guard notifies dispatch on the radio. At the same time police officers can hear what’s going on and respond to the call asap. lets say their is a scene where couple security guards or police offices need to respond at the same time, dispatch can just radio it through the radio instead of calling everyone one by one on the cell phone.