I recommend everybody who is sick or getting sick, has a running nose, is coughing to try this out. Try to get organic Ginger instead of none organic. You can purchase ginger from nearly any store. Try Whole Foods or Trader Joes so you can look for organic version. If you cant find organic then do not worry because any version of ginger is better than no ginger.

only 1 ingredient 

The only ingredient you need is ginger, and this remedy is going to prevent you from getting any sicker. All you need to do is cut the ginger into small pieces and cut the skin layer off of the ginger as well. You could cut it into rectangles, or coin shapes, or triangles. Doesn’t really matter what shape it is, as long as its small candy size and the skin is removed.

Don’t forget to wash the ginger before cutting. Once its been washed and cut into small pieces, put it in a zip lock or a small pill box that you can carry with you throughout the day.

All you have to do is take a piece of ginger and lick it like its candy for 20 min every 2 hours and then toss it. Your saliva will deliver the nutrition from the ginger to your body. Your bodies defense system will use the nutrition from the ginger and fight the sick cells. – to avoid and prevent the sickness from spreading. This will get you back to wellness and feeling better. Give this a try, it is very powerful and healthy for you.

If your going to work you can put the ginger in a zip lock and take it with you. Just make sure to wash your hands before you touch the ginger and put it in your mouth. This is important because if your hands are dirty then dirty bacteria will transfer to the ginger then into your mouth. So please make sure your hands are clean since you are trying to get better and not sicker. Duh!

Ginger has been a healer for many years, since the dinosaur times, lol joking. Ginger has been a healer ever since it was discovered it is very tense at first with the taste. Seems strong but you get used to it very quick and the strong tense in taste starts to vanish quickly.

Tobacco Substitute 

You can almost think of this like chewing tobacco like baseball players except your chewing ginger and spitting out ginger. Make sure to spit the ginger in trash and not in public view. for those people who are addicted to chewing tobacco may want to give this a try. it is better to chew on ginger then tobacco. This will even help you play the game even better since it is all natural and absolutely healthy for your immune system.

This is good even if you are not sick, so lets say you are 100% healthy it wont hurt to try this remedy to future proof your immune system. This will act like a shield so you don’t get sick at all.

Ginger Candy can Help 

Just to mention for those people who will not want to try this, then you can get a ginger candy and eat the candy instead. Just make sure the ginger candy is natural and not chemically made. This is very important because if it is chemically made it wont help that much. For best results for your health you want to get the natural ginger candies.