Alright guys so those of you who are Getting Anxiety just by looking at someone else who has Anxiety is a sign of your strength and weakness. So if someone has anxiety and you get it too, this means you have to work on yourself. This also means the spirit of the other person just dominated your spirit. Almost feels like getting knocked out by Mike Tyson, and you cant do anything about it because you have been defeated.

Only people who don’t get effected by someone who has anxiety are the people who are like predators in life. People who dominate and have leadership mindsets. And the people who are internally stronger than the person with the anxiety symptom. If your inner strength is stronger than the person who has anxiety. Then, by all means you cant be effected and you actually conquer the weakness of the anxiety symptom. This is very hard because by most population most people are preys in life. They are defeated to begin with, so they remain defeated for their entire life.

Preys & Predators 

As you may have heard of animals in terms of prey and predators, is the way the inner strength works. Actually your truest strength in life is not your muscles but your inner strength. Why, because if your inner strength is scared your muscles get in a freeze mode and they are defeated by your own mind. Lets say if you were going to go to a boxing fight and your mind is scared, you can lose up to 95% of your physical muscle strength. In a boxing fight you can lose and can be dominated by someone who is way weaker than you. Just because that person has inner mind strength and you don’t.

Also, If you get anxiety because the other person has anxiety. This means so would your mom and dad and even your kids. Why, because the weak mind (inner strength) is passed down from person to person. So, if you come across someone with anxiety and you get it too, this now tells you how much strong you really have. the times you thought you were a bad ass or you thought you were a Dominator like Mike Tyson. Well, Guess What you just found out that you are the opposite.

You never know in life how strong you are, unless you come across someone with anxiety. If you are not effected by the anxiety then you are a true strong person as you think you are. But if you get anxiety as well, then this whole time you have been a prey in life and just really found out.

God Chosen 

It is written in books that people with anxiety are guided and controlled by God and chosen by him. Those people who have the anxiety symptom have it for a reason that is unexplainable. However, the people with anxiety symptom become like Lions once they conquer the symptom and they actually do things and move on with their life like never before. They become Predators in life and stronger than anyone you can imagine. Yet, their brain is made to accomplish a task that they needed the anxiety symptom to do so.

Do things Differently 

You who get anxiety because someone else has anxiety, means that you have to change what you are doing. And do things differently because in your entire life what you have done, hasn’t been strong enough for your inner mind. in fact, you have to try to be with the person who has anxiety and try to conquer your mind so you don’t get anxiety as well. Because your spirit has been defeated, means you have to try harder in life. And be thankful for the person who has anxiety because now you know how strong you really are.

Also in times of real danger, your body will have those anxiety symptoms as you have when you look at someone who has anxiety. This is why girls usually divorce or break up with guys who are mentally weak. Because, in a girls mind they are designed to feel like they are protected by their man. And, if the men gets anxiety by seeing someone with anxiety. Proves that he will just flee from danger and not be the man that the women thought he would be.

Learn More, Earn more Inner Knowledge 

Lastly I wanted to inform you that getting anxiety by someone else means you are at loss somewhere with education. Somewhere in life, out there in your brain, is some knowledge missing. Anyway feel free to comment questions if you guys have any. Thanks for your Time.