This fight Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul was kind of stupid to begin with. Yes Logan was able to stand the 8 rounds of fight, however I really think he was the wrong opponent for Mayweather. There are so many real boxers who would have been a better opponent, but at least the kid got a chance is the way I think.

Floyd has a perfect boxing record of 50 wins and 0 loses and Logan’s record is 0 wins and 1 loss. As funny as Logan’s record is, the fight was pretty impressive. He was able to survive the entire 8 rounds, when I assumed it would be over in the first 3 rounds.

Great Fight 

I didn’t think the fight was going to end the way it did, but it was a great fight. Mayweather couldn’t knock him out and Logan wasn’t really able to get him either. In a way it was a 50/50 fight, but Logan’s face was a little bruised up, while Mayweather’s face was clean.

However, even though it was a good fight, I really think they should have not fought. I mean just looking at Logan’s record this was a joke to begin with. Its like Why would Mayweather choose him from millions of serious boxers out there? Answer might be quite obvious. He was probably looking for a famous person with no boxing experience, just someone to play with while making the big bucks. Dream come true to Mayweather, however I think it turned out the opposite way. I think Logan impressed the crowed more than Mayweather.

Exhibition Fight 

Yes, this was an Exhibition Fight  and took place in Miami, Florida just yesterday on 6/6/2021. Even though Logan impressed the crowed I really think Mayweather is making himself look bad. I mean who is he going to fight next? The Kim Kardashians, (lol) I really think Floyd should have fought someone like Pacquiao again, because that would be an equal fight, at least.

Weight In 

Floyd came in at 155 pounds and Logan at 189.5 during the weight in for the fight. But on the same exact day of the fight I really think Logan was around 200 while Floyd at 150. So, I really think Logan was 50 pounds over Floyd which this can be an huge impact to the fight. Judging the weight and size, I think Logan should have beat Floyd super easily, but Logan was just surviving. This is bad for Logan’s career because when he fights boxers who are at his exact weight, they might destroy him.

Since Floyd was fighting a heavyweight, I really think he should have fought Mike Tyson or Evander Holyfield. However, judging by this fight as Logan was able to survive, I really think Tyson or Holyfield may have destroyed Floyd. But of course Floyd wont fight good fighters and it seems obvious there’s no way to convince him.

Anyway I wanted to Congratulate Logan for keeping up with this fight and hopefully he makes it to the tops. And Thanks to Floyd for having this Exhibition Fights when he could simply not have. It was a good fight and I hope Floyd Mayweather does another Exhibition fight, but with someone near his level, or someone at least a boxer.