Baru Nuts is a new nut to me, I had never heard of it before. As I researched I found that the tree which is called Baruzeiro is grown in Brazil. As Brazilian Nuts are one of my favorite nuts I knew that this is something that I just had to try. Looks like a seed, almost like a pumpkin seed, but as you hold it, its more near an almond in shape and size. Baru nuts are a good source of Protein, fiber, Vitamin E, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Calcium, Iron, and more. They are loaded with extreme level of nutrition and best of all they taste good. I try to introduce new foods to my body so I get new vitamin sources from different foods than what I normally consume. So lets get started with my review of Baru Nuts products.


As my first time trying Baru Nuts I ordered 3 kinds of Baru Nuts from Barukas. The 3 kind I got are:

  1. Chocolate covered Barùkas Nuts
  2. Barùkas Trail Mix
  3. Barùkas Nuts

The Chocolate covered Barukas Nuts are now one of my favorite chocolate covered nuts. They taste like almonds coated with chocolate and are absolutely delicious. The chocolate layer is soft and the center nut is crunchy, so as you bite its a nice feeling from soft to crunch. There are some nuts I don’t like covered in chocolate which one is peanuts. But as this Baru nuts kind of have that peanut taste, when they are mixed with chocolate the peanut taste disappears and the almond kicks in. Very nice blended with chocolate, super good.

The Barukas Trail Mix only has 2 ingredients, the baru nut and the fruit. If your wondering what the fruit tastes like, just think of honey, kind of sweet and crunchy. I like the trail mix because its one way to consume the fruit for some extra healthy nutrition that I wont be getting from anywhere else.

The Barukas Nuts itself tastes like peanuts. If I try to be specific it tastes like your biting not into just 1 peanut but into 5 peanuts. 1 Baru nut is like putting 5 peanuts in your mouth and its that flavor that I get.

From all this 3 that I tried from Barukas the chocolate is one that gets the Gold Championship Belt. I really love the chocolate one. It is also made with good ingredients. I’m kind of thinking crushing this nuts and putting it on dessert or on ice cream will be one great treat.