so in this video my bird just had turned 19 years old and I noticed after bath his not moving anymore his just sitting at one place and kind of feels like his shivering. Anyway I figured this is normal bird behavior. So if your bird does the same its probably natural. later on as they dry they end up eating any playing around again as normal. That’s what I noticed from mine.

Cockatiels are very playful birds, however if you notice after showering them they are not playing. Simply, don’t get alarmed, this behavior is natural and they are waiting to dry so they can clean their feathers.

birds can have their own unique personalities

In a group of 50 birds lets say all of them jump and go inside a water puddle, their is a chance that half will sit somewhere. While the other half continue to play around, they just all have their unique personalities. As they get older, their body gets older and they cant fly or play around as they did when they were younger, and most of the time they will be sitting somewhere. This is for all types of birds, parrots and even wild birds like Eagles, every bird regardless of their kind have their own unique personality.

If your bird is a senior then expect them to just sit and relax somewhere after a bath. But if your bird is young then they mite play around or they mite also just sit somewhere, depends on personality.

you can tell if your bird is sick by the bird not doing anything at all times, if your bird is just sitting somewhere after shower only then that is absolutely fine. If you know your bird is a senior then this is expected since their older. Most birds like to sit and dry after shower this is relaxing to them. later after they are dry they are back to their normal behaviors.

Some Reason Why Your Bird is Shivering or Not Moving After Bath

So after you give your bird a bath and your bird seems like shivering then their could be couple reasons. One reason is that your bird is old and you might be wetting him/her a little too much for their age. Check my article out on Giving My Cockatiel A Bath. In that article I mention couple ways to give your bird a bath. If your bird is shivering then try one of the methods I talk about in that article. Another reason could be that your wetting your bird just a little too much. Spray your bird with moist water bottle couple times, maybe 8 times. Maybe your spraying like 30 times and maybe your wetting your bird too much. Lastly, one reason could be possibly your bird is injured, but this is maybe doesn’t mean its true, but just incase maybe your bird can be sick or injured. And you may want to take your bird in to a bird vet so they can check it out. but if you had your bird for like 15 years or more then most of the time its possibly because their old. You can just use moist water spray gently or you can add a water bowl in the cage with like 1 inch of water or less depending on bird size and see if they puddle in the water.

Anyway I just wanted to give some information and talk about birds not moving and shivering after bath. Hope you guys gathered some useful information. And remember to not keep a lonely bird, keep your bird happy and occupied, they get stressed when their lonely. and don’t mix wrong birds with each other, because they can fight and hurt each other. Always mix same type of bird with one another.