I’m giving my Cockatiel a bath and she loves it, its part of their natural habitat, so if you have a bird too give him baths every now and then because it’s part of their wellbeing. Also if you have a bird that you cant take out the cage then simply get a moist water spray and just spray it gently, they love that too ūüôā

Give your bird a bath

Most people forget that their pet bird needs a bath, but every bird needs it. So if you have a bird inside a cage that is not trained and you can not take it out. Then simply just get a water spray, one that has moist option on the spray. And, just spray the bird from outside the cage and they will clean themselves. Spray from couple feet away so they get moisty.

What happens when you never wash your bird, is that they get very dirty and pilled up with dust. Just as its important for humans take showers its as well as important for birds to take shower. They love splashing in water and playing around. So you can even get like a square bowl and fill it with like 1 inch of water and put it in the cage. And eventually they will go inside if the square bowl if its big enough.

Many people think about birds but they forget about this kind of care that birds need. So if you don’t have time to spray moist water on your bird or to give your bird a bath, then simply don’t purchase one.¬† Parakeets for example are very cheap birds they cost about 20 dollars for one, so many people purchase them but they are unaware of giving them bath.

Ever walk in the park and notice birds splashing and playing in the water puddle. That is an example of every bird, because every bird needs that natural habitat to clean themselves and their feathers.

Each bird likes their style of bath

one bird such as a Cockatiel may like it if you put it by the sink and just pour water on their back feathers behind their head. Some birds may not like that, they might like a water moist spray instead. Some birds may like it if their is a puddle of water and they play inside, so all types of baths depends on your bird. Eventually you learn which type of bath your bird likes most or doesn’t like. if you notice your bird doesn’t like it when you pour water on him/her, then try the most spray. Also try adding a bowl with water filled up inside maybe 1 inch depending on your bird size and they will splash around it.

My Bird 

my bird likes all three types of baths, but as it got older it stopped liking the sink bath where I would pour water on him/her, so in this case I would use moist water spray, and spray water gently. I also would add a square bowl next to its cage and filled it up with about 1 inch water and at times he would go inside and come out and back and forth.

So when it comes to giving baths to your bird it depends which baths your bird prefers. if your bird is not trained then please don’t keep one bird because they get stressed when their lonely. In this case keep 2 birds minimum. I suggest keeping 4 birds in a big cage because they need to play with each other. If your bird is trained but you started being busy with your life and your not that much around your bird as before. Then in this case purchase 2 birds and keep it in a big cage and keep your trained bird next to those 2 birds, even though they are in separate cages. They will communicate and your trained bird will be less stressed and bored when your not around.