This 2021 McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys take me back to my kids times when I used to collect all the toys. How much fun it just was and as fun it is now. 30 decades later I’m still collecting this toys, just love them. Well, lets start:

McDonald’s 2021 TY Teenie Beanie boo’s Happy Meal Toys

This McDonald’s 2021 TY Teenie Beanie Boo’s Happy Meal Toys come in a set of 14. Yes, it takes a lot of time to collect all this 14, but that kind of makes it fun. What I like about this toys is that they seem very educational for me. For example, on the tags of each toy, it says where they are from and it even has a image of the country. Seeing that the Lion is from Africa, and looking at the image of the country, you learn the shapes of the country. This is fun way to get some knowledge and an interesting way to learn.

Here all are the animals in order: 

  1. Louie the Lion, from Africa
  2. Safari the Giraffe, from Africa
  3. Dotson the Black Jaguar, from South America
  4. Sully the Sloth, from South America
  5. Pongo the Penguin, from Antarctica
  6. Iceberg the Leopard Seal, from Antarctica
  7. Sammy the Great Horned Owl, from North America
  8. Henry the Kodiak Bear, from North America
  9. KooKoo the Koala, from Australia
  10. Kipper the Kangaroo, from Australia
  11. Slick the Fox, from Europe
  12. Glitzy the Reindeer, from Europe
  13. Tiggs the Tiger, from Asia
  14. Ming the Panda, from Asia

My favorite animal is number 10 which is Kipper the Kangaroo. I just love how it has the baby kangaroo in its stomach and its from Australia.

2021 McDonald’s Happy Meal Luca Toys

This Happy Meal Luca Toys are pretty fun to play with. They have some cool features that they perform inside the water and of course its based on the new Cartoon coming out. Cant wait to watch this new cartoon LUCA, which I think its starting at June 18th in USA. Its by Disney and Pixar, I’ve seen the commercial and it looks pretty good.

Life on Land & inside the Ocean 

From my understanding its fishes that have a life inside the ocean, and they have a secret life on land. Secret life on land meaning they are keeping a secret that they are from the ocean. Anyway, I cant wait to watch to really know what its about.

So, there are 8 of this Luca Toys and my favorite one goes to Monalisa, which is the fish. This fish is so fun to play with, it drinks water and squirts water, so fun and cool toy. This are the list of the Luca Toys:

  1. Luca Paguro (swimming)
  2. Monalisa (squirts water)
  3. Alberto Scorfano (changes color)
  4. Giulia Marcovaldo (swimming)
  5. Alberto Scorfano (swimming)
  6. Machiavelli (squirts water)
  7. Luca Paguro (changes color)
  8. Massimo Marcovaldo (swimming)

I just love #2, its so fun and if I was getting this in high school days, I would have so much fun playing with it. They are all fun in their way of character and after watching the cartoon, I will really understand why they do each performance.

Luca Toys #3 Alberto Scorfano & #7 Luca Paguro

So, this are the #3 and #7 Toys of the Luca Collection and I was able to change the colors. I kept adding ice to see when it would change color and it started changing color from 43f and below. I also tried it inside the freezer and in just couple minutes it started changing color. This was pretty fun and cool toys to have.