I was inside Jons Marketplace and came across this Zalatimo Sweets – Assorted Traditional Baklava. Yes it was about $25.00 so its kind of pricey, but it sure does makes a great gift. This were tiny Baklavas inside and each piece is very addictive. They had many different versions of this inside the store, so I choose this Assorted Traditional Baklava one. Next time I cant wait to choose another one to try as they were so delicious.

This came with 4 different baklavas inside: Burma, Pistachio Roll, Baklava Walnuts, and Baklava Cashew. All of them were equally good and very addictive. I ate like around 15 in one day, its absolutely yummy and I think this will be great with some alcohol.

Zalatimo sweets baklava

Zalatimo Sweets Traditional Baklava

If you live in an area where this Sweets are not available then you can also purchase them from their website: Zalatimo. I recommend this and I will visit Jons Marketplace again to try some new flavors. 🙂