Looking at presidents left to right and looking at their accomplishments and what they said and stood for.  Comparing presidents left to right to pick the worst one and the worst one goes to the 44th president of United States, Barack Obama.

We choose Obama as the worst president of all time because everything he did was questionable and almost doubtful. He was a very slick talker and knew how to talk with people. While elected for president he didn’t do many of the stuff he said he was going to do. Obama made everyone to be forced to have health insurance in a silent and slick way by making them feel its for their own good. However, this caused many dramas because people under 35 who never go to the doctor feel forced to pay money for such insurance. On the other hand, this did help many people but on the same case did cause conflicts to others.

Thousands of the jobs that he had opened up or made was because of the health insurance, so many people say was the force to have health insurance part of a scam or not? Great news that President Trump has fixed this issue in 2019 making the health insurance a persons choice and not mandatory, also making no tax penalties for 2019 taxes.

Another major accomplishment Obama passed, was the same sex merriage. However, many of the religion people still disagree with such law being made. Yet, he did this so subliminally by his slick talk making people feel proud.

African Americans say he helped them all the way which is good. For many of the other people everything he said he was going to do, most say, he didn’t.

Obama was a great President, although, people say he did things sneaky at the end he did accomplish many success.

What do you guys think?