okay, so as we know that now being bald is taking over the celebrity industry with more bald man being famous and popular. However, when it comes to celebrities it is important to not think about them for being bald. Celebrities before they are acting or being on stage they are putting makeup or special creams on their faces and bald heads to look the way it is reasonable. So keep in mind when you see a bald man in TV don’t try to look like it because usually they have a lot of make up or cover up on their entire face and head.

So, for what sucks about being bald? Some man love and some don’t love is the shine normally the bald head is really shiny because it is the center of attention for lights to reflect on. So the shine is one reason what some bald man dislike. Another reason is the oiliness, seems like many bald man don’t like it when their bald scalps are oily. This two is kind of not controllable because if you try to put creams it may be more oily or shiny as the time goes. Also to remember if you don’t put any creams it could get really shiny because the scalp naturally releases oils during time.

Another reason that sucks about being bald is the sun-burn, obviously the bald scalp is skin and in the sun the skin burns, so if you don’t put sunscreen then you must put on a hat to protect the skin in the sun. but now this gives something to think about, Should I put on a sunscreen? Should I wear a hat? How long am I going to be in the sun? So its just extra things to think about that people with hair would never bother to think about.

Another reason that it sucks is the lights, in every lights you may look different and your whole appearance is different depending in the lights. This is another reason to not look at bald celebrities because they are sometimes under lights that don’t make the scalp and appearance look bad. Also don’t look at celebrities because in their minds they are a walking God, bald or not it doesn’t matter to them, regardless, their confidence is through the roof one way or another so when it comes to baldness don’t try to compare yourselves with celebrities.

Of many reasons why some people might not like being bald, keep in mind that reality it doesn’t matter if your bald or not, what you like or don’t like, at the end its part of life and its made to be that way. If your one of those people that don’t like it, then the good news is that what you dislike about being bald is just your illusion and to another person that might be what he likes. So key point here is if you don’t like it and you think it sucks then toughen up, get strong, and go through it until what you think sucks wont matter to your system anymore.

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