I purchased the Top Fin Bettaflo Betta Aquarium from PetSmart. And when i opened the box and took the aquarium out there was gravel inside and was used. I was okay with that, But when i put water it started leaking from the corner and this is what got me upset because now i have to purchase a new tank and keep my betta in a cup for another day. Anyway its all good because i purchased a better tank that looks cooler and was 3.3 gallon so a little more space for betta to move around and check it out looks good with the d√©cor and added white small gravel to make it nice. ūüôā

Anyway im also mad because the Top Fin Bettaflo Betta Aquarium has picture of a betta and other fishes inside a 3 gallon tank. This is very wrong because you should have like a 7 gallon tank for all those fishes also bettas should be kept without other fishes, unless you really know what your doing.

When a person who doesnt know much buys this aquarium he/she would see the picture of bettas with other fishes and would think its safe to mix bettas with other fishes and would end up killing his/her fishes. Just dont mix bettas with other fishes this is hard to accomplish and someone who really knows about fishes should be doing this.