I purchased this Canon EOS Rebel SL2 from Costco for $650.00 with tax about $711. Very proud after using it for 2 days, still learning new stuff and everything seems to work great. Don’t mind the glitches on this video I taped this video with a broken phone that I have for 2-years. Now that I have this camera I can take better pictures and videos. Also going to get the Samsung Galaxy s10e so camera and photo will work just fine compared to the broken phone I have now. Cant wait to start using this camera feels very light and small compared to other cameras I was trying in the store. This Costco kit came with camera, 3 lenses, 32gb memory card, strap, carrying case, booklets, and battery with charger. Also Costco has its special helpline for cameras purchased from them. That helpline comes free with Costco purchase which I found really helpful.