as the rainy seasons are approaching I’m getting ready for the outside weather. There are many Umbrellas for the rain that I have used and this Rainbrella is from The Home Depot. This Rainbrella Gray umbrella is very steady and I absolutely love the color and the inside material looks strong. As you open this umbrella you notice one thing and that is the size, very small. I mean I’m not sure why they sell tiny umbrellas for to begin with. Its designed for the rain, that only means one thing, getting wet. So I’m not sure why companies make small umbrellas.

The Rainbrella Gray umbrella diameter when opened is just about 35 inches. This is great for small rains and some drizzles, but not big enough for the heavy rains. Anyway just for 10 buck from The Home Depot store, this umbrella is absolutely looks good build. But, the size is just too small to take on heavy rains. This is the Link for this umbrella if you decide to purchase it.

Black Repel Umbrella from Amazon

This Black Repel Umbrella I purchased from Amazon is very well packaged. I was very pleased with the packaging because it looked like it was packaged with love. It also looked brand new since buying from Amazon you notice some items are not new when purchased. So great job with the packaging very lovely and pleasing.

This Repel Umbrella is double vented, which I don’t think this really makes a difference or matters. It says its windproof, but I mean only way to know for sure its to put it on the test. But, judging by how steady it is build, I think this is very strong but also very small. I mean its just about 3 feet in diameter when opened, this is small size for the rain. This is great for some tiny rains, but for the heavy rains I think its absolutely small.

What I love about this umbrella is that the button is automatic, which this means it opens and closes with push of button. This is fun to play with, but after you press the button to close it, its hard to push it in for complete closure. Once you play with the umbrella you will know what I mean, but I usually use the ground to completely push the umbrella in to close it.

If you want to purchase this umbrella click on this link which will take you to the Amazon Site. its is sold for $21.95.

The Home Depot Firm Grip Golf Umbrella

I was look around and came across this Home Depot Firm Grip Golf Umbrella. I was absolutely impressed with the price, I mean for just under 5 bucks what can I say. The umbrella size is absolutely perfection it is 4 ft. and 3 in. in diameter. This is by far the best umbrella I used because of the size. Also I love how it opens up manually, so no push button. I like the manual method makes me feel better.

As big and good this umbrella looks, I cant speak for the durability. Because the inside material doesn’t really appeal to be strong, so I’m not sure how this will take on the heavy winds. However, if this takes on the heavy winds, then this will be my favorite umbrella of all time. I love the style, the size, and definitely the price. Click this link if you want to check out this umbrella. Its labeled 5 feet in diameter, but not when I measured it, but doesn’t matter because its still big enough.