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True Quotes

The scientist is motivated primarily by curiosity and a desire for truth. - Irving Langmuir

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Education is not the answer to the question. Education is the means to the answer to all questions. - William Allin

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The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed. - Albert Einstein

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There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly. - R. Buckminster Fuller

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To know a person's religion we need not listen to his profession of faith but must find his brand of intolerance. - Eric Hoffer

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There is a great difference between knowing and understanding: you can know a lot about something and not really understand it. - Charles Kettering

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Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. - William Butler Yeats

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Boredom is the feeling that everything is a waste of time; serenity, that nothing is. - Thomas Szasz

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