My dog is pure Maltese and is 14-years-old. So I like to give vitamins and be helpful as much as I can. So for CBD I give my dog Cani Bits CBD Cookies which are all natural. This treats I randomly came across when I took my dog for grooming, so I decided to give it a try. As I gave my dog the cookie, she absolutely loved it and it got me happy. CBD’s are good for dogs for their overall health and I been giving this to my dog for past 3 years and she’s happy with it. I don’t give it everyday, I give it randomly and sometimes I give 1 full cookie. Other times, I cut it into 2 or 3 pieces and give a tiny piece, just depends.

CBD I give to My Dog

CBD I give to My Dog

If you plan on giving your dog CBD I recommend this brand Cani Bits because its a treat and CBD in 1. This way you don’t have to give CBD on the side plus a treat on the other, this way its more convenient. CBS are also good for relaxing them, so it can help with sleep and just with everything. If you want to check out the Cani Bits site click this link and you can go through the site to get more information. I purchase this from Andy’s Pet Grooming & Supplies from Glendale, California, the guy there is very helpful.

giving my dog GNC Multivitamin Support for SENIOR dogs

This GNC Multivitamin Support for Senior dogs is one of my favorite vitamins I give to my dog. It is in the shape of an Heart and I give only half a day, in the mornings. I been giving this for a year now and she’s likes it as her daily vitamins. I cut it into tiny pieces because she likes to eat it like that. When I give the entire half piece she doesn’t eat it she waits for me to cut it. So, that’s why I give her the vitamin in tiny pieces. At, the same time she doesn’t like it when its crushed up, so she’s really picky. But she likes this and for this past year she’s been eating it. I got this from Petco.

GNC CALMING – helps with calming & relaxation for dogs

Sometimes about once or twice a week I give my dog Calming treat so she could just relax. As she is older, I think its best for her heart to sleep and relax for most of the time. Sometimes I give my dog this relaxation soft chew and usually half of it. Sometimes I give the entire Heart Chew, well for it depends. Anyway, this does help my dog and usually couple minutes later she starts to sleep. The active ingredients are: Chamomile, Ginger, L-Tryptophan, Passion Flower, Thiamine, and Taurine. I’m not sure if the ingredients are good or bad, but hoping its good. Plus I give it randomly and not daily so should be good.

If you plan on relaxing your dog I think this GNC Calming soft chews is helpful. Lets also not forget that their are CBD gummies for dogs too. I also give CBD Cookie to my dog as is in top of this page. So if you want to relax your dog you may also try the CBD cookie. I found this GNC Calming treats at Petco when I was just randomly looking around.