The Step Freestyle Aerobic Platform – Health Club Size – with 2 Freestyle Risers and 2 Original Risers

I love this Stepper because The Freestyle Risers make it so the platform stays in place so you can do incline bench presses or decline also you can do sit-ups. With the Original Risers it doesn’t stay in place and kind of moves around.

The original risers are okay if you plan on using this stepper for only stepping purposes. Such as as if your walking up stairs, in that case its good. But, if you plan on getting more out of this Aerobic Platform then make sure to get it with included freestyle risers. The freestyle risers are more expensive because they provide more positions for the platform.


So if you plan on using this Platform for weights then make sure you get this with the freestyle risers. Because the freestyle riser is designed in a shape where the platform will lock in place. So if you put it as incline then it will lock in place and not move around. With the original risers you will not be able to lock the platform in incline position. Once you lock it in place with the freestyle risers in incline position, you can use decline at the same time. So once its in incline you don’t need to arrange it in any other way for the decline.

With the incline position you can do upper chest press with free weights. With the decline position you can do lower chest press with free weights. You will need the freestyle risers for that. For the straight position you can use the original risers or freestyle as well for straight position it doesn’t matter.

I also want to add that if you want to use this for sit-ups than plan on putting a towel on top. The steppers are hard plastic so it can be hard for many people. By putting a towel it will get more soft and more relaxing.

Exercise Hint

you can use a boxing timer and use the stepper and every 3 minutes take a break as if your boxing. So start stepping for 3 minutes then relax and back and forth for how many rounds you like. I like to do 6 rounds because I do other exercises too, but yes it gets really tiering as if you just had a nice boxing cardio. You can even hold 1 to 3 pound weights and try doing the steps with the weights for a powerful workout.

Many Aerobic Platforms Out There

There are thousands of Aerobic Platforms for stepping and other exercises. Upon my review I noticed most of them come with the original risers. So, please double make sure if you plan on getting the most our of you stepper, that it come with the freestyle risers as well as the original. If you want to keep it simple and just use it as a stepper then don’t really worry about it. But, if you plan on making the most out of it, make sure the freestyle risers are included.