Chicken & Beef Shawarma Combo Plate

Today, I felt like eating Tarme Mediterranean Grill so I tried the Chicken & Beef Shawarma Combo Plate. This plate was amazing I choose Rice, Shirazi Salad, and Cucumber Mint Yogurt as my sides. It came with one pita bread cut in half, pickled turnips, chilies, garlic sauce, and some other sauce which I’m not sure what its called. Chicken & Beef Shawarmas were seasoned with nice flavor. Serving sizes were all good, not minimal and not tiny, just perfect size to get full and satisfied.

Shirazi Salad

I loved this salad, it has a nice twist of lemon flavor. Very nicely seasoned and blends very well with the rice. Good mixed with the meat as well.

Cucumber Mint Yogurt

I always love this yogurt, its a perfect finisher for all Mediterranean foods. At Tarme this yogurt is nicely seasoned with a hint of lemon taste that I love. This is amazing and I always choose this as one of the sides.

I use the garlic sauce to eat it with the pita bread, but it came with another sauce that I’m not sure what is exactly called. This sauce is great when mixed with the Shawarmas, interesting taste and I loved it. Will ask for the name if I remember next time that I visit.

I purchased some extra turnips because I always like to eat this a lot, its healthy and lean. The chilies that comes with it, I squeeze it on the beef & chicken and this adds a nice flavor.

Tarme Mediterranean Grill Shawarma

Tarme Mediterranean Grill Shawarma

If you want to eat and have a satisfactory meal, Tarme delivers that satisfaction I love everything and just one thing I think could be improved is by giving 2 pita breads instead of 1. Other than that everything is perfection. They have some desserts on the counter, I believe they are house made and I always get some, very yummy. Great Food.

Chicken Kabob Plate

This Chicken Kabob Plate is my favorite from Tarme and I usually get this maybe 70% of the time. I love how the chicken comes with grilled onions and peppers, this just makes it complete. Getting Mediterranean food without onions or peppers its kind of not the same. Grilled onions and peppers delivers a satisfying taste with the meat.

As usual, I choose cucumber mint yogurt, Shirazi salad, and rice for my sides. Next, time i will choose different sides so you guys can see some more options. But this sides are my favorite so I get them all the time. If you haven’t tried this plate, I recommend it as its my favorite plate and I still got more to try soon.

Angus Beef Filet Plate

The Angus Beef Filet Plate from Tarme Mediterranean Grill looked very good on the online menu. However, the meat was really not well cooked, it was soft. If the meat was well done, burned, crunchy, this would have been absolutely a very delicious meal. Also when ordering this Angus Beef online it doesn’t give you the options to choose your sides instead it comes with salad and hummus. This just means that you would need to spend more money to get the 2 sides that you really want. As a whole, this would have been some great meat if it was burned. The seasoning on the meat was good, just needed more cook time.

Next time when ordering this I will call them instead of ordering online. This way I can choose the sides that I want and to tell them to burn this meat so its yummy.