SunChips is one of my favorite Chips company out there and until now I’m kind of confused on the name. I’m not sure if its SunChips or Sun Chips because when I google it I get both results. This chips are aiming on the healthy side compared to the competitor Chips and of course packed with good flavors too. they are 100% on the whole grain and good ingredients used so its a win win chips. Lets begin the reviews:

SunChips Chili Lime & Sweet Potato with Brown Sugar

The SunChips Chili Lime is a new flavor and by far one of my favorites. What I love about this chips is the lime flavor and of course the chili too. But the lime dominates the taste and its pretty salty too. This chips gives me the vibe like I’m near the beach drinking beer and eating this chips. Very well made and the flavor is very different compared to the other SunChips, so this is one that I will keep crave.

The Sweet Potato with Brown Sugar is aiming on the sweet side of life. You can just taste the sweetness, but the sweetness I’m not feeling the brown sugar part. I’m kind of getting honey sweet type of flavor. Also I’m getting a hint of the sweet potato taste as well. This chips is okay but not one I will crave all the time. This is just sometimes type of craving chips for me. Delicious but sweet too. I also had to travel for many miles in order to get this chips, I only found it in one target and no where else was available.

From this two flavors I really recommend to try the Chili Lime, this is absolutely good and very pleasing on the lime taste.