This Sharpie S-Gel Gel Pens are Medium Point 0.7mm and they are in black ink. As I was writing with this pen I really like the feel of the rubberish grip, its pretty nice. Also I like the size because most gel pens I noticed their a bit thicker in size. So as far as size goes this pen is pretty normal size. Pen looks nothing fancy which is what I also like. However, besides the ink being black the entire pen is black and I find this kind of boring. Since most pens are black, I think I would have liked it more if I got the white version. This way it would be more unique and more eye catching since black pens are all over the place.

Not Recommend for Essays

As writing goes, this is definitely not a pen I would use when writing essays. Its great for dropping down notes or great for office papers. But when you try to write cursive, its kind of not made for that. It works best when your writing each word at a time and not combined. I like this pen its great for short writings, actually its great just for everything, except for essays. That said if your using this for school, its good for notes, but again I wouldn’t recommend this for long essays. Check this Sharpie Pen out on Amazon. 

Sharpie Color Burst Permanent Markers Ultra Fine Point

This Sharpie Color Burst Permanent Markers Ultra Fine Points are very cool in color. However, all colors combined together are more on the blue side. I would like to see some tropical more to the red side colors too. Feels like heavy on the blue but light on the red. Anyway as this sharpie fine markers go, they are absolutely one of my favorite. They are just perfect for writing with, they work great if you want to make papers stand out more. For instance, when writing long notes you can separate categories by this sharpie markers and the entire paper looks more pleasing.

If you want to draw they are also great, but sine they are ultra fine point it takes long time. They work just great for shipping labels or decorations and look attractive. Sometimes instead of using a pen I use this markers and they work just fine. Their just a bit thicker than pen and they do smell like permanent markers though. Absolutely recommend this pens and I use them all the time, they make everything look just so much better. Check it out on Amazon if you want to buy it.

Sharpie Metallic Permanent Markers fine point

This Sharpie Metallic Permanent Markers are my favorite for dark papers because they actually work. When you try to write on black paper with normal Sharpie you barely can see what is written. But, with this Metallic edition is absolutely perfection on Black or dark papers. Give it a try if you plan on writing on dark surfaces. I bought this from Amazon.

Sharpie Ultra Fine Point & Sharpie Fine Point Comparison 

In this video I’m comparing the Ultra Fine Point Vs the Fine Point of Sharpie Markers. Of course the Ultra Fine is skinny compared to the Fine Point. I like both and use both. If you want to write the ultra Fine Point is perfect, because it’s just a bit thicker than a pen. If you want to draw, the Fine is good, but its better when mixed with the Ultra Fine. For poster Heading the Fine is good, but for tiny writings the Ultra is best. I recommend both just so they look more neat when mixed together.