for those who want to download the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ User Manual you can download it here.

I really love this phone it has great features and screen looks amazing.

The only problem I have with this Cell Phone is the fact that it is pretty big. When you hold it with one hand its almost impossible to text with one hand.

Many people were asking me for the user manual or where they could download it from. So, I made this page to guide you guys to the user manual very quickly. It is in he Samsung website and you can visit there for more information.

Anyway I cant wait for the new model to come out but for those of you who need extra help with the phone. This user manual will help with many questions that you guys have.

However, most people wanted this user manual to turn off the 5g network and use the 4g LTE network instead. So I contacted Samsung and they told me if this user manual doesn’t answer to that question for this specific phone. Then you may need to reach to your phone carrier and have them turn off the 5g network through their end.

If you guys cant reach to the user guide page or the link doesn’t work for some reason, then please comment below and I will help. Keep in mind every phone has its own user manual and this one is for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ Phones only.

If you need other Samsung phone user manuals please reach out to Samsung, I just made this page because many people were asking me for it and wanted to offer fast help to provide the user manual that leads to Samsung Site.

Overall, I have absolutely zero problems with this phone, other than the size. I just wish it was about 15% smaller, but not too much of a big deal.