Try this to Prevent Gum Disease with Cloves, very simple and easy remedy. If you ever think you have gum problems or think something is wrong with your gums, or just want to get your gums healthier. Just put cloves in your mouth and lick it like candy for at least 15-30 min (2-3 times a day) for 1 to couple months.

If you think you have no gum disease or any mouth problems then that is great. However, if you want to future proof your oral health I would recommend to do this remedy.

Gum Disease 

Gingivitis is the earliest stage of gum disease it is good to do this remedy to prevent gingivitis as early as possible. If you look in the mirror and you have red gums, receding gums, bleeding gums, swollen, pains, or bad breath then it is a possibility that you may have gingivitis. It is very important to go see a dentist as soon as possible if you think you may have one of the symptoms. If you ignore Gingivitis treatment then gums will continue to recede and this can eventually lead to tooth loss.

It is important to use mouthwash after brushing your teeth and this is because mouth wash can help to prevent gingivitis, plaque, tartar, and bad germs. Wash your teeth twice a day and also use mouth wash twice a day after brushing teeth.


Cloves have strong amount of manganese which is a form of mineral. Manganese maintains strong bones and also is good for the brain, so licking cloves for couple minutes not only is good for your gums but for your teeth as well. It is rich in antioxidants which this means is good for your overall health. Cloves can stop bacteria from growing and also is great for the liver.

If you like Gingerbread baked goods, chances are you are consuming cloves since cloves is used in many gingerbread bakeries. And many people use cloves as a spice additive to foods to boost some flavor. Also you can boil some water with cloves and drink it as a tea, it will help with overall health from brain function to strong bones which leads to better oral health.


The mouth is obviously noticed by the teeth, which teeth refers to bones, which this means besides taking care of your mouth for better teeth and gums you must take care of your entire bone health. If your body bones are bad this can lead to poor teeth in your mouth. Some people say the mouth defines the health of the body, so take care of your mouth and don’t forget about taking care of your body.

Taking care of the body has a lot to do with what you put inside the body. For instance, if your eating sugary chocolates or candies all that is contributing to poor health and also poor teeth.

Lick cloves for couple minutes to help with your overall oral health and to help prevent many oral diseases. Cloves is just an icing on the cake that protects your oral health to superior shield to prevent gum disease. You will like the way it tastes it is very numbing flavor to the mouth. Enjoy! 🙂