I will start with the Pizza Hut Large The Vegetarian Edge Pizza which was not cut into squares. From what I know this Pizza was suppose to be cut into squares, but I guess I was the lucky one to get it in regular pizza cuts. However this kind of killed its purpose because this is normally suppose to be cut in squares, I think. Anyway, I was just amazed about How good it was seasoned, the seasoning was just beyond perfection. Also it is Garlic & Herbs Seasoning used, best of all it was fully seasoned to the max.

Toppings to the Edge 

You may just wonder why its called the Edge Pizza? Well, its kind of obvious, its because all the toppings reach all the way to the edge of the pizza. This means that the normal crust which is only crust is going to be loaded with toppings. Besides that, this is thin crust pizza, or I should say pizza with no crust is what it tastes like.

The Vegetarian Edge Pizza comes with Sweet Marinara, Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Mushrooms, and Onions. I was pretty impressed with the mushrooms because they were thin and crisp, just how I like it. The Green Peppers gave a nice twist to this pizza, every bite of the peppers was just meant to be. If this pizza didn’t have green peppers I really wouldn’t think that it would be complete. Nice Pizza Here Pizza Hut!

Pizza Hut Large The Vegetarian Edge Pizza

Pizza Hut Large The Vegetarian Edge Pizza

Tuscani Chicken Alfredo Pasta

This Pasta was good in taste and flavor, However I was pretty upset with the size. I mean it says it serves for 2 people, but I think its good for 1 and not 2. The Pizza Hut Tuscani Chicken Alfredo Pasta comes with 5 Breadsticks and 1 marinara sauce. I really don’t think 5 breadsticks is enough with 1 marinara sauce. For me, just 2.5 breadsticks was enough for 1 marinara sauce, so I think this needs a little more sauce with it.

Lets get to the bright side 

I was very happy with the amount of Alfredo Sauce it had inside. It wasn’t too saucy and it was just minimally sauced, which is what I loved. Also the shape of the pasta was fun to eat and loved the cheese on top. I just loved the burned spots on the cheese and I liked the way the chicken was cooked. Also good amount of chicken and lovely taste. Of course I just wish it was a little bigger in size.

Buffalo Burnin’ Hot Breaded Boneless Wings

This Pizza Hut Buffalo Burnin’ Hot Breaded Boneless Wings are on fire! Just love this all the time, what I like about the boneless is that I can use a fork to dip it in the ranch and not get sauce on my fingers. A lot of the times  I get it with bones, but also at times I get it boneless. Both are good, just depends what I’m looking for at the time.

The Sauce on this wings is absolutely delicious and nicely burning up in my mouth. Also notice the shape of the wings box, its so cool. Every time I open this wings I feel like I’m in the movie Batman, just love the feeling and love this wings. Most of the time I’m geting Burnin’ Hot Wings, but often I like to switch them up.