The first time I ate at Original Kabob Factory was when I was driving around looking for a new place to try. As I knew this was going to be a Mediterranean type of place, is exactly what I wanted. So what makes this place different than most Mediterranean places is that they give Lavash bread instead of pitas. Also, they have 2 signature sauces that they give with the plates, and this sauces are very yummy. I crave the 2 sauces they give all the time, and with this cravings I keep going to Original Kabob Factory.

Combo Plate – Pork Shish Kabob & Chicken Shish Kabob & Tzadziki

I normally don’t get pork meat unless I’m the one BBQ it because when it comes to pork I love it burned. But, haven’t had pork for such a long time so for this combo plate I got Pork and Chicken. The pork as you may know, was good, but I prefer to cook my own pork. But, as far as the chicken goes, very yummy and delicious.


The Tzadziki is a yogurt sold separate, This is my favorite type of yogurt and most Mediterranean food places have it, they just name it different names. But, for the most part they all come with cucumbers inside and this one is by far one of my favorites. The yogurt texture and the amount of cucumbers put inside is exactly at the point. Well Done OKF with this yogurt, I get this all the time, but will start trying other stuff.

2 Signature Sauces that come with the plates:

  • boss sauce
  • swag sauce

this two sauces separate this place from other similar restaurants. I absolutely love the swag sauce and every time I ask for an extra one. This swag sauce just makes this meal complete and I cant picture this combo plate without this sauce. If you haven’t tried this sauce its very yummy and feels very tropical. I can’t even describe the taste in any other way, except to say you got to try it. When you mix this sauce with the meat its an outstanding award winning taste, try it.

You can even buy meat from here that is not cooked, and you can BBQ it yourself. So, I really like that idea of buying the uncooked seasoned meat and BBQ it, this way you can burn it very well and make it yummy. Its a small place, so I recommend to get food to go.

Combo Plate – Chicken Shish Kabob & Chicken Louleh Kabob

This time I got Chicken Shish Kabob and Chicken Louleh Kabob and of course I love the Shish Kabob, but the Louleh is great also.

original kabob factory

I just wanted to show you guys what their Louleh looks like and I like it, but I feel its a little too much meat. Good to keep some for later, and very good. I like to mix things together when it comes to Mediterranean Foods and I love the seasoned onions its just great for that.

The address to the one I went to:
1700 W Glenoaks Blvd
Unit: D
Glendale, CA 91201