This Nike Air Monarch IV Men’s Training Shoes from Big 5 Sporting Goods are my favorite shoes for the Mountains. Every time I go to the mountain for a hike or just for a light jog this are my shoes for it. At Big 5 they are a Super Buy for $59.99, but with tax comes out to be just about 70ish. Not only do I like this for the mountains, but for working out, and playing sports. This are one shoes that are very flexible made for pretty much all activities. For the main purpose of the time, this are my hiking shoes, Why? Because, they do a good job with up and down trails and they are pretty strong for stepping on rocks.

Nike Air Monarch IV Men's Training Shoes Big 5

Nike Air Monarch IV Men’s Training Shoes Big 5

For just 70 bucks including tax I think this are unbeatable for the mountains. Also, yes I do get bunch of sand inside the shoes, but I mean after trying many shoes I haven’t come across one that sand doesn’t get inside. On the other hand, I’m not just walking with this shoes, I’m jogging and doing workout with it in the sand. So, all this tasks that I do in the mountain, this shoe handles it pretty well. For most of the time this shoes last me 9 months with all the tasks I do. But, usually every 7-8 months I buy a new pair. I think if you don’t run with this shoes and just walk they may last a year, but just thinking. Great shoes from Nike and one of my favorite for the mountains for all workout tasks.