By now I’ve eaten all the Clif Bars and my favorite Clif Bar flavor goes to the Dark Chocolate Almond with Sea Salt. Yes, this is dark chocolate and I would like to say the most rarest of all Clif Bars. I used to get this from Ralphs, but even now Ralphs stopped serving this, which I’m not sure why? Because, every time I would get this from Ralphs it felt like it was always being sold out sooner than the rest. Maybe they ran out, I’m not sure, but this by far beats the rest of Clif Bars.

Many Versions of this available 

So this is Chocolate flavor, and there are more chocolate flavors that Clif has. There is this same exact version, except it doesn’t have almonds inside. So, for people who are allergic to almonds that would be a good choice. However, I only like this one with almonds and don’t really like the one without almonds. I never get tired of this flavor, but I don’t eat it all the time, usually twice a week. I like to switch up on my nutrition bars so I don’t get bored of them.

nutrition label of the Dark Chocolate Almond with Sea Salt

nutrition label of the Dark Chocolate Almond with Sea Salt

If you haven’t tried this Clif Bar I highly recommend it, its chocolatey and delicious. I think this is perfect before a hike or work outs and I love the taste, just perfection. Also this is part of the Sweet & Salty Collection of the Clif Bars and I think it has a nice balance of sweet & sour. Now I purchase this from Amazon because that’s the only place I could find it at and best of all it is part of Prime.

If your wondering what does toys are from the top image? They are the Happy Meal Toys I collected from McDonald’s. You can check them out here and they are pretty nice toys.