Hi Guys, so I want to share with you guys my experience working for Standard Parking at Americana At Brand.

So here I began…

I started working for Standard Parking 2 weeks prior to Americana opening. We were directing traffic until the opening of Americana. Once it opened, I was a cashier inside the parking lot. So, I worked here for about 4 months and everything was going great, we all had fun working here. There were about 15-20 cashiers at the time and working with one another we all had a lot of fun times.

So, one day while I was working about 2 hours left of my shift. This supervisor or I think she was a supervisor, but I am not sure. She came and she was taking my cash register so they could count it in the office. So as the girl took the cash register, next to the register I had my personal belongings. Such as, my phone, wallet, keys, mints & gums, and I had 2 dollars and some change too. So besides taking my cash register she took my 2 dollars and some change with it. Which I advised her not to because its part of my personal belongings and not part of the cash register. So, she took it anyways.

Then the parking project manager calls me to the office, I go to the office and he has a write up ready for me stating that I am 2 dollars and some cents over. However, I told him the 2 dollars and some cents are part of my personal belongings and I told her not to take it, and she did. I told him I went to Subway for lunch and that was part of my change from Subway and I put it with my personal belongings as we are allowed to put our personal belongings in the cabinet next to the register.

we are allowed to keep our belongings inside the cabinet where the cash register is. 

However, the project manager insisted that he does not care how I am 2 dollars and some cents over. But the fact is I’m 2 dollars and some cents over and here’s the write up. He told me to sign it and he even put his pen on the paper and kept forcing me to sign it. I got the pen and threw it on his face on the table and left. He took me off the schedule and I called the Standard Parking Branch and told them about it. The Branch offered me another position, just one day a week for 10-hour shift. At first, I accepted it then, I called the branch and refused it.

left with no job

So now I was left with no job because project manager from Americana took me off the schedule. Which I was normally scheduled 40+ hours and the branch has nothing else.

So, this was my experience working for Standard Parking at Americana At Brand. And I wish this situation was handled more professionally from the project manager. I also wish I knew more about rules & regulations, and work laws at that time so I could have done something about it, instead of having no job.

So anyways I just wanted to share my experience and if you guys worked for Standard Parking too feel free to share your comments. Thank you for your time and attention.