So, my honest review on this film Titanic is that even if I wish I could try to find any defect on this movie, I can’t. Even if I dig in and try any possible way to find any defect, I still can’t. This is one movie that was made very uniquely.

Based on True Event

All the characters, all the settings, the plot, the story line, the background music, I wouldn’t picture anything any better or different than how it is originally made.

The graphics are beyond beautiful. Every frame of this movie was just, Wow! Every scene from the beginning, to the end, to the part where the ship broke apart, when it sank, every part of this movie felt real. I could say the graphics on this film look better than some movies hitting the big screens today. This Titanic was just amazingly made.

The actors are beyond perfect. I can’t even catch a scene where I could say, “I wish they could have done this differently.” Every act had a natural flow and that’s the key point of acting. From Leonardo DiCaprio, to Kate Winslet, to every single actor & actress, everyone played their role very special. I can’t picture any other talent to take over their spot in this film.

The clothes they wore, the accessories, table plates, teacups, the interior of the ship, the design of the stairs. Every material was made very believable to the year 1912. The ship took off on April 10, 1912 and sank in April 15, 1912. Watching this movie 85 years after Titanic had sank, made me think, “What would I have done if I was in this ship.?”

True Story line? Maybe.

The story line, obviously this was based on a true event. However, the story line is just a mystery. Jack and Rose probably never existed, or who knows? The love could have been or could not have been, but a diamond was missing and let’s just say this was why.

When I first watched this movie, I was just 8-years-old and this movie was on a 2 tape VHS. As I started watching the 1st tape, I got into the movie and was so hooked that I didn’t want to pause the movie to grab soda and popcorn. When the 1st tape finished, I was speechless about this movie, I put the 2nd one right away to continue.

If I had to change anything about this movie, would be the part when Jack dies. I would change it, so Jack goes on top of the wood with Rose and pushes her in the water and she drowns instead. (joking)


In conclusion, I give this film a big 10/10 and I rank it 100%, meaning if you don’t watch this movie, your missing out by 100%. It is a must watch movie. And if you haven’t seen it yet, add It to your watch list next, you will love it.