First day of launching the McDonald’s The BTS Meal is today, so if you haven’t ate yet, its chicken nuggets time at McDonald’s. This BTS Meal is a combo plate with 10 chicken nuggets, fries, and drink. The only difference between the BTS nuggets VS the regular McDonald’s nuggets is that the BTS nuggets comes with 2 new sauces. Yes, that’s right 2 new sauces which are going to be available for a limited time.

The 2 new sauces are Sweet Chili Sauce & Cajun sauce which is what makes this nuggets special. From both sauces I really loved the Sweet Chili Sauce, I think that’s my new favorite sauce for the meantime. Well, the Spicy Buffalo sauce has been the first sauce I ever tried with my first McNuggets Meal. The Spicy Buffalo sauce was so good, it became my favorite sauce from the beginning. However, since I been always eating the buffalo sauce its been getting boring, that’s why I’m happy with this new Sweet Chili Sauce That I now love.

McDonald’s Sweet Chili Sauce VS McDonald’s Cajun Sauce

Wow! This Sweet Chili sauce was just too damn good, it was sweet with just a little light spice taste. Also, just the way this sauce looks, like the texture, its just amazing. Looks very good to eat, and it is. The Cajun sauce was tasting like mayo and the spice kicked in later, but was light spice too. I didn’t much like Cajun Sauce because the mayo side of taste was just a little too strong. next time I’ll ask for 3 Sweet Chili Sauces instead of 1 of each.

My Real Answer 

Well, what can I really say, this sauces were good inspiration from the BTS Korean band. But, the chicken nuggets were exactly the same as they are. I mean if your going to inspire a new BTS combo meal, I would suggest making some changes to the nuggets too, besides just adding new sauces. All McDonald’s did is add 2 new sauces and now its the BTS meal. What I think should have been done, is the nuggets should have been spiced up. I think adding some spicy Korean peppers to the nuggets or some other sauce would make this a complete BTS meal. Otherwise, its no different than the regular McNuggets Meal.