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Bad Day At The Beauty Salon

I was a 20 year old unemployed receptionist with
dyed orange dreadlocks sprouting out of my skull. I needed a job, but first,
I needed a haircut.

So I head for this beauty salon on Avenue B.
I’m gonna get a hairdo.
I’m gonna look just like those hot Spanish haircut models, become brown
and bodacious, grow some 7 inch fingernails painted bitch red and rake
them down the chalkboard of the job market’s soul.

So I

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Emotional Idiot

Liner Notes – (From Love Is A Dog From Hell)

Emotional Idiocy is obviously
a theme close to my heart since I seem to use the phrase in novels and
CDs alike. My friend and mentor of sorts, Andrew Vachss, upon hearing me
read a rendition of this poem, stated that it ought to be the theme song
for borderline personality disorder. He’s right.

I’m an Emotional Idiot
so get away from me.
I mean,

Wait, no,

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Fuck Me

I’m all screwed up so

and take out the garbage
feed the cat and FUCK ME
you can do it, I know you can.

and theorize about
Sado Masochism’s relationship
to classical philosophy
tell me how this stimulates
the fabric of most human relationships,
I love that kind of pointless intellectualism
so do it again and

Stop being logical
stop contemplating
the origins of evil
and the beauty of death
this is not a TV movie about Plato sex

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Hey Baby

Liner Notes – (from No More Mister Nice Girl)

I was having a foul day. Some
geezer harrassed me on the street and I got completely bent out of shape,
but the guy was huge so I just stuffed my retort. Went home to drink
coffee. No milk. I ripped through the cupboards and found Non Dairy Creamer.
It tasted like shit. I got into one of those senseless rages where you
throw stuff. I

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Scab Maids On Speed

My first job was when I was about 15. I had met –
a girl named Hope who became my best friend. Hope and I were flunking math
class so we became speed freaks. This honed our algebra skills and we quickly
became whiz kids. For about 5 minutes. Then, our brains started to fry
and we were just teenage speed freaks.

Then, we decided to to seek gainful employment.

We got hired on as

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Sex Goddess

so don’t mess with me
I’ve got a big bag full of SEX TOYS
and you can’t have any
’cause they’re all mine
’cause I’m

“Hey,” you may say to yourself,
“who the hell’s she tryin’ to kid,
she’s no sex goddess,”
But trust me,
I am
if only for the fact that I have
the unabashed gall
to call
myself a SEX GODDESS,
I mean, after all,
it’s what

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Stalk Me

Liner Notes – (from Love Is A Dog From Hell)

My friend Jenny is really
worried that people are going to follow me around and send me dead animal
parts and doll heads as a result of this song but please, if you feel inclined
to send me dead animal parts, think it through. Thanks.

Stalk me
I once wrote a poem called FUCK ME
So stalk me
I’m asking for it
Don’t take your medication
Stalk ME

Write to

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The Stupid Jerk I’m Obsessed With

The stupid jerk I’m obsessed with
stands so close to me
I can feel his breath
on my neck
and smell
the way he would smell
if we slept together

because he is the stupid jerk I’m obsessed with
and that is his primary function in life
to be a stupid jerk I can obsess over
and to talk to that dingy bimbette blonde
as if he really wanted to hear about her

manicures and
pedicures and

New Age ritualistic enema cures and

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