So, as I was craving Mexican Food I knew exactly where to try. I went to King Taco in Glendale and ordered some food. So as I’m in the restaurant I notice the menu on the top of the cashier has only few items and I didn’t see any side items on the menu. So I ordered what I saw on the menu.  I ordered Asada Burrito, Nachos, Chicken Sope, and side of Jalapenos.

Asada Burrito

Well for most of the part the burrito was nothing special, just a burrito. It wasn’t big in size, kind of found it small. It had rice inside and a little bit of everything. Everything okay, except I asked for 1 red sauce and some salsas and the women making the food didn’t speak English, so she gave me 4 red sauces. I believe the red sauces are the very spicy ones, but not 100% sure, actually it could be salsa just looking like the spicy sauce. Anyway, little confusion about the sauces, but just wanted to say I didn’t like the sauces at all.


Where should I began here, the cheese was only at the top and nothing in the bottom or middle. This kind of feels naked for the chips, they only had 2 nacho options:

  • 1 with only cheese
  • and 1 with meat

I mean why would I want only cheese, or meat. Usually when I crave nachos I’m craving nachos with greens, veggies, tomatoes, sour cream, guacamole, good amount of ingredients. But anyway if you want a classic nachos with just cheese this was good, I just hope they can add jalapeno as well, but good luck asking them the cookers don’t really know English.

Chicken Sope

This really needs good sauce and what can I say if I didn’t like the sauces. With the right salsa this would be really good, and its not bad It’s okay.

Side of Jalapenos

of course, when it comes to Mexican food jalapenos is a must, with some carrots as well. This jalapeno blend with some other veggies was extremely on fire, really hot, I started sweating a bit when I ate this. If you want to feel some heat, I definitely recommend this.

As this was my first visit, I didn’t know they had rice and beans, and to me Mexican food is not complete unless its got rice and beans. Also some cooked pepper with some good seasoning. The menu in the restaurant really pissed me off, because everything felt hidden, its like you have to know what you want from else where before you enter the restaurant. However, the Glendale Restaurant was very nice, I loved all the Mexican culture decorations inside, very impressed and very nice inside the store. I will visit again and get some rice and beans. 🙂

2nd Visit: Chicken Burrito – Rice – Beans – Chips – Guacamole – side of Jalapenos

During my 2nd Visit I was kind of happy because I knew I was going to get a burrito with rice and beans. This time I got chicken burrito, it was okay but again I didn’t like the salsas that comes with the burritos. Next Time I will get the green sauce instead. The rice was good, the beans was good, but I would prefer it smashed. I ordered chips and also guacamole, together they were good.

The jalapenos are pickled and for a Mexican dish you would expect cooked peppers with yummy seasoning. So,  jalapenos are okay, but since there not cooked, this meal doesn’t really give me the traditional Mexican Food vibe. The carrots and veggies that come with the jalapeno are super good and super spicy, sure catches your tongue on a fire.

I found long piece of hair inside my burrito, so I didn’t finish the last 25% which it upset me because I was hungry.

Overall, this place is good, but I feel like there are better places with better options to get Mexican Food from. The menu feels like a secret and if you visit here don’t forget to get horchata. Also everything in my second visit is not on the menu except for the burrito, so if you plan on getting rice and beans just know that you have to ask for it.