When it comes to jamba, they pretty much don’t have many juices. Jamba fresh juices & shots and pretty on the expensive side on the prices. But, they sure are very yummy and of course full of nutrients. Lets begin the juice reviews:

Jamba cucumber orange cooler & purely orange juice 

The cucumber orange cooler was pretty cool as the name says. I never thought orange and cucumber would mix just so sweet, but this drink proves me wrong. They mix absolutely very delicious and this is pretty on the sour side of taste. Sometimes I get a little cucumber taste, but for most of the time the orange is dominating the taste.

Purely orange tastes nothing but orange, fresh squeezed and full of nutrition. The color of this drink is just so wonderful and bright and gives me some nice energy when drinking. There are no orange pulps in this drink, well there is few pulps, but they are absolutely too thin to be considered a pulp. I think this drink would be better with some pulp inside, maybe ill try asking for it next time. When I’m trying to avoid coffee, I sometimes get this for some energy and this is very sour taste.