Chili Cheese Curly Fries

This was very delicious, I mean there is absolutely nothing I can say about the taste because it is really good. However, this doesn’t feel like a real Chili Cheese Fries to me, it kind of feels like a fake version of an authentic chili cheese fries. The cheese I believe its a nacho type of cheese with the chili, this cheese is good, but its not a real type of chili. I mean on a nachos it might be perfect, but on fries with chili I would consider real melted type of cheese.

Also, there was no thousands island sauce in Jack in the box, Sometimes I may consider eating this with a special sauce or something good. But, don’t get me wrong this chili curly fries are very tasty and good. It was very cheap too, I mean I was expecting $4, but it was $3 for one, not too bad for the prices.

If I’m every craving Chili Cheese Fries I wouldn’t get this one, because yes its good but Its not what I have in mind when I’m looking for chili cheese. The nacho cheese killed everything about the curly fries, I think they should have made this into chips, instead of fries. Chips would have made more sense with the nacho cheese. Anyway, 5 out of 5 because it was delicious, and for Jack in the Box I think its good enough.

Triple Cheese & Bacon Curly Fries

Triple Cheese and Bacon Curly Fries jack in the box

If I only knew this had bacon I would have tried to see if I could have had sensed some of the flavor. But I didn’t pay attention that this has bacon inside. I didn’t see any long bacon, so this means that the bacon was chopped to tiny pieces, which is good because less bacon better health. This was also delicious, but yet again I would consider having this with authentic cheese instead of nacho material. If this was on chips I think it would be more like it. Giving it 5 out of 5 because it was delicious and its Jack in the Box I mean what more would I expect.