want so much to please, that when she complains of my leaving dandruff
on the sheets, whiskers in the sink, pee on the toilet seat, I build a
large black plastic cube to live inside.

Five pin-sized air-holes and a straw through which I sip protein drinks
are my sole contact with the world in which my dear one shines.

I’ve learned to re-absorb my wastes, and will away my beard. Since, in
the dark box, sweat lacquering my underarms can’t gleam, and lost hairs
flutter, soft as feathers, to the unseen floor, I no longer fear offending.

Still, the groans and whimpers wafting from our bed, the clink of male
belts, and an intermittent scraping, makes me fear my box is edging out the door
-I Love Her So Madly by Charles Harper Webb