Okay so lets say you imported a video into after effects and obviously the video is going to have sound. But you want to make it so the video noise is silent. This instructions here are going to show you how to make imported video sound silent in after effects.

  1. import a video into after effects.
  2. make a new composition of that video.
  3. open audio and waveform as in the video instruction.
  4. in the waveform you can see a wave of how high the sound volume is.
  5. so drag the audio level to the left so it goes into the negative numbers. Keep dragging it to the left until you cant drag it to the left no more. So it will go to the silent.
  6. if you plan on adding the sound back again at a different part of the imported video.
  7. then add a keyframe of the same level of the audio anywhere.
  8. then next to that keyframe drag the audio level to 0, which 0 means normal sound as original sound from the video.

I hope this is understandable, but if you watch the video you most likely will understand. Thanks for your time and attention.