Today we are going to learn how to conquer anxiety and the truth when it comes to anxiety is only one way to conquer it.

Worry Leads to Anxiety 

Anxiety is by far taking over the world, and it is populating rapidly. Why, the reason is complicated, it is linked with the current generation we are in. Such as social media is being an acceptable platform for celebrities that look good. That said, many none-celebrities that are not up to a celebrity standard, their mind starts worrying. This type of worries starts leading to anxiety. Besides social media, communications amongst people are being through a technology rather than physical appearance. Because of technology communication being more common than physical communication. During physical communication worries start building in the mind then leading to anxiety.

This generation that we are moving towards to is adding more anxiety, stress, and depression towards us and our children’s. Yes, we can change this by providing our kids to social with each other rather than staying home and playing with technology, like cell phones.

Start socializing 

Taking our kids to social after school activities or having them go out and play with their friends is a good start. More and more kids and people are staying home now than they did before and this also leads to more people being fat. And fat itself leads to anxiety and stress.

Only 1 Cure 

Well enough with anxiety populating and taking over, let’s talk about the cure. So, let’s say you have anxiety attack because when your crossing the street many cars are parked and their watching you. This leads to anxiety thoughts and their is only one way to conquer all types of anxiety. And the one way is doing what causes you the anxiety.
So, if crossing the street gives you anxiety, then you have to keep crossing the street, if singing on stage gives you anxiety, then you have to keep singing on stage. So, the point is this, whatever gives you anxiety you have to do just that.

The one and only way to conquer anxiety is doing what gives you anxiety. And how this works is if you keep doing what causes you to have anxiety. Eventually when your body had enough of anxiety it will vanish from your body. This is the only way there is no other way.

Relaxing Herbs can Help 

Pills and medications for anxiety is all money-making business and fooling your mind. There is no medication that can help you conquer anxiety other than doing what causes you to have the anxiety. Yes, sometimes it can take years, but that’s the only way.
Medications actually cause anxiety worse and cause more severe body problems later on in life. However, you can take natural relaxing herbs and extracts which help you relax.

natural cbd oil for anxiety

natural products like ashwagandha or herbal teas make you relax and help you go through this anxiety are way more healthy than actually taking an anxiety medication with chemicals.

Natural products will help you relax and are good for you, but you will still need to do what causes you to have anxiety for the anxiety to eventually go away. Anxiety is a very slow healer many people have it for many years and you just have to deal with it.

Do Cardiovascular Exercises 

Also, this is the time to start working out doing physical exercises like jogging, playing sports, and going to the gym and doing weights. Eating healthy is very important when you have anxiety, eating chemically made foods can make anxiety worse. So, try to eat healthy, specially stay away from MSG, and Aspartame.

Remember that nothing on earth will help you conquer anxiety if you don’t face it yourself. So, get out there and keep trying, eventually your body will have enough of it and this is when you will be healed.